Fitness to philanthropy. Ecommerce to entertainment. Gaming to fashion. Craft beer to bioscience.

No matter the industry, I've always been interested in what makes people tick. I like to dive into the psychology of consumers and what drives viewership and purchase behaviors. The best part is figuring out how brands can react - and proactively market - to provide the ultimate customer experience and satisfaction, both digitally and in reality.

So as the lines between paid and unpaid media continue to blur, Instagrammers rise faster than movie stars, and traditional news and entertainment competes with streaming and social verticals, I'm constantly working to analyze the market and technology to stay up to date...and make sure the brands I work for do too.




I'm a mama to an active little rose gold-haired beauty, which means I have to work efficiently and I'm working on my patience. I'm a marathoner and wannabe boxer. I have an adoration for alliteration. My favorite way to disconnect is under water. I'm addicted to donuts, but also green smoothie bowls...balance, right? I was a set costumer and wardrobe stylist in another life. I have a somewhat unhealthy relationship with the Amazon Prime app. And I believe lipstick solves most everything.